According to the increase of business activities in the last couple of years in Kragujevac, the number of domestic and foreign guests among whom are businessmen, sportsmen, actors, architects, tourists, increased too. Correspondingly to previous fact the catering offer of Hotel “Zelengora” is constantly adapting to the uprising requests of new clients.

As an answer to these requests Hotel “Zelengora” has opened the first restaurant of authentic Italian cuisine, on 28th of September 2011. The national cuisine with traditional specialties is also present.
The interior of the restaurant is designed and architecturally conceived in a way that brings in you the sensation like being in some Italian city like Rome, Milan, Genova, Venice...

The soft pastel colored walls are decorated with mosaics and photos of the old time Italian cities and home details, through the restaurant windows on one side one can see the active pedestrian area and on the other side one can see the beautiful garden of the hotel. Pleasant and intimate atmosphere is enriched with soft light of different colors.

The guests can choose any distinguished specialty “A la cart” , from Italian or Serbian cuisine .
The food with delicious combinations of different tastes, salads rich in color ,vitamins ,dressings , when served will surprise you , pastas and sauces will bring the most tender senses of tastes, rich assortment of the high quality wines, from the most famous regions in the world and perfect coffees, deserts will make everything magically encircled in order that You feel special and satisfied.

Groceries for the dishes are of the best quality, so that meat, vegetable, pasta, fish, fruit everything is strictly selected and controlled.
The wine list represents the mixture of love and passion for the wines, and for years it is cherished and developed, so now it consists of more then 60 labels from almost every part of the world: France, Spain, Portugal, North America, Chile, Argentina, Australia, and largest number from Italy. The offer is encircled with the wines from the regions of Ex Yugoslavia: Monte Negro, Herzegovina, Croatia.

The restaurant personnel is educated on numerous courses , that were kept by one of the best sommelier in Serbia, Mr. Igor Spajic. Wines are served by the last trends, and the accent is on the adequate combination of food and wines.
To mention that the high level quality service will not leave you indifferent . Especially the kind restaurant personnel will give their best to let You feel comfortable.

The number of places in restaurant in total is 170 .

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